1. Improving my black and whites

    21 Jun 2020
    I had quite a day today, improving my black and white printer skills and dealing with some fabulous paper. It’s only recently been clear to me how important the choice of paper and printing skills can be. We tend to think, buy a good enough printer and that side of…

  2. Flower Workers of the World

    02 Jun 2020
    The flower industry is huge but it is one of those that flies under the radar. We don’t think of it as a global industry but that’s what it is. China currently has a flower industry worth in excess of $ 20 billion annually (up from close to zero twenty…

  3. The Beauty of Imperfection

    30 May 2020
    I had the lucky opportunity earlier to stumble on a great floral photography website on Instagram. The flowers were generally set against a dark background and the photographer had them beautifully well lit. I was looking at it and thinking I could never do that. But not in a negative…

  4. Getting Ranunculus Right

    28 May 2020
    I’ve spent an age trying to get a photo of Ranunculus to work properly. I have dozens, if not hundreds, but they all look exactly like the flower that was in front of me when I pressed the shutter. They didn’t express anything of what I felt when I look…

  5. Summer Flowers and COVID Rights

    23 May 2020
    We’re all on the cusp of big changes because of COVID. Equally we wish COVID had never happened. The change I want to make in my life is to let more emotion in and maybe push a little more out there. I’ve been working relentlessly for 40 years now and…

  6. April and May Lilies Mean I Wake Up to Beauty Every Day

    18 May 2020
    April and May have been incredible for me, waking up every day to lilies that are closed to the world and lilies that are opening up. I’ve been busy photographing them every day. I prefer to photograph in natural light but lilies being white are very reflective at most times…

  7. When Flowers Fight Against the Dark

    02 Apr 2020
    Most of the photographs I take illustrate relationships between flowers as they decay. I find it moving.  In this case I re-edited the picture after losing a very important relationship. I brought out a lot more of the detail not because I wanted to improve the appearance but because I…

  8. Flowers as Original Art

    23 Mar 2020
    My interest in flowers coincided with a project I was doing on colour. I’d been advising a photographic company and became interested in how arbitrary colour can be in photo post-production.  I’d already been doing some work on the origins of our sense of colour. Humans have an insatiable need…

  9. How The Flower Project Began

    19 Mar 2020
    Sat at the computer in early 2016 my eye began to swell. It hasn’t stopped since. On that particular day I was working on some economic data relating to bank disruption factors.   My first reaction to the swelling was to concentrate harder on the screen but the more I concentrated,…

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