April and May Lilies Mean I Wake Up to Beauty Every Day

April and May have been incredible for me, waking up every day to lilies that are closed to the world and lilies that are opening up. I’ve been busy photographing them every day. I prefer to photograph in natural light but lilies being white are very reflective at most times of the day or evening. Generally I take the photos inside to get round that, but again just using what natural light is available.

Right now we are in COVID lockdown and maybe because of that I’ve been able to take more photos than usual as well as devote time to editing them.

Most of my edits are for light and background rather than the objects themselves. I’ve also begun writing poetry inspired by the flowers. It’s not something I’ve done before so I can’t say they are good poems but once I get better at it I will post them here. What I definitely find is that being around flowers gives me access to a lot of beauty and from beauty a sense of love I don’t have with my other work.

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