Getting Ranunculus Right

I’ve spent an age trying to get a photo of Ranunculus to work properly. I have dozens, if not hundreds, but they all look exactly like the flower that was in front of me when I pressed the shutter. They didn’t express anything of what I felt when I look at the flowers.

Finally I got close to that, especially with Ranunculus Cyan, the one on the right.

The coloured Ranunculus, second left, was the original photo. It has been cropped slightly to reduce the impact of the purple flowers at the edge. I’ve shown the crop marks in the coloured photo next to it.

The photos were taken at about 9.00 am when it wasn’t glaringly light.

So to get back to my original remarks. It has taken a lot of work to communicate emotion with these images rather than just a snap.

When I hold one or see it in the flesh, I feel good about life. I find them among the most beautiful flowers. 

They are not spectacular in any way. But they invite me to look closer.  And when I do look closer I see this incredible delicacy. The many protective layers of the delicate petals add to the sense of strength. Delicate, almost translucent, strong and beautiful. Those qualities have huge appeal. They pull me closer. They are the incentive to look, hold and remember.

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