Improving my black and whites

I had quite a day today, improving my black and white printer skills and dealing with some fabulous paper.

It’s only recently been clear to me how important the choice of paper and printing skills can be.

We tend to think, buy a good enough printer and that side of it is done.

However, really good printers have at only 3 or 4  grey and black ink wells. They do really good deep blacks but average greys and shades. I found when I was printing some not so deep blacks that my Epson was throwing other colours into the mix to try to get the tone right. They looked purple.

There’s also something about paper that I am finding utterly fascinating.

Ilford have papers that allow you to reproduce the look and feel of older non-digital printing. The papers have a glorious velvet texture and a wonderful way with detail.

The pictures above are non regular Baryta paper from Marrutt. I use these at A4 for proofing before I print with the Ilford paper at A3+ (19 inches x 13 inches).

On the next part of my journey I will be moving away from pigment4 inks to carbon.

Anyway, above, the top one on the two over on the left is a warm tone while the lower is a cold tone. The next one is neutral and the one on the right is warm again.

Amazing what a difference it makes.

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