Summer Flowers and COVID Rights

We’re all on the cusp of big changes because of COVID. Equally we wish COVID had never happened. The change I want to make in my life is to let more emotion in and maybe push a little more out there.

I’ve been working relentlessly for 40 years now and I come from that older tradition of men who get things done. No nonsense. When COVID hit, my reaction was to think, this will pass, so let’s just get on with things. 

But after nearly 10 weeks of lockdown, the majority of it on my own, I began thinking again.

I see up ahead a retirement that is going to be  impacted by fear, that it we get the disease in three or four years time we are the at risk group. That’s not what any of us expected when we ticked off each of those working years.

And I see a past that was less emotional and less connected to good people than it should have been.

I believe we need to express these conundrums in an artistic way. If you are from my kind of background then you tend to pass up the opportunity to be creative. That reaction needs putting in a box and sending down a fast flowing river.

We will all need more opportunities to express and create. 

This flower on the left has been in my kitchen for a few days. It came as part of a bouquet mixing wild flowers and cultivated.

I am fascinated by the colour and the variety within it. I won’t be printing it off but I have enjoyed a couple of days of photographing it and looking at it enlarged.

In a few days now the bouquet will begin to wilt and I will get back to the original purpose of the Flow Project, capturing beauty in imperfection.

The image on the right, well I call that Asymmetry. I seek out that little edge of imperfection. That’s where interest and curiosity attract us. 

I also think of my images as “lean in” images. As opposed to “pop out” images. I try not to make a photo pop. I want people to lean towards them.

What is your creative preference?

More soon!

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