The river

I’ve been photographing the local river a lot over the past 12 months. Surprise, surprise, the really blue photos are taken in winter, which is one of the amazing aspects of Irish weather. We can get wet, foggy, windy winters but when the sun shines it is truly blue.

I use my iPhone to capture these images and then have a good think about how they will look with the XT 30. Sometimes the iPhone is a better picture because what I am aiming for is three or four bands of colour or shade rather than detail, and the XT is great on detail.

I said in an earlier post, I am not really one for landscapes because I sense the image is imposed on me by nature. But with the changing cloudscape and weather patterns, there’s a chance to get out and capture a unique moment. I have hundreds of these photos, so there have been many interesting moments. I’m also learning to go easy on the vignetting but left a few examples of over editing in. The overall aim is for a collection that I am going to call blue and grey.

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