Travels with my iPhone

I’ve been wondering for a while if I could work more with my iPhone as a camera of choice. These are all taken with the iPhone. Of course, given that they are taken in Tuscany, they begin with the inestimable advantage of beautiful scenery. But I am not much of a landscape photographer or haven’t been. Landscapes seem to me to impose their view on the camera rather than being open to interpretation.

I have to admit though that the iPhone left me pleasantly surprised. In most cases, these photos would be difficult to scale up for printing. Seems like as soon as you use the zoom, a bit like cropping in an editing package, you lose a lot of information. I could be wrong. I’m not expert in that area.

My current feeling is that the iPhone is a great recce camera. I know more now about this landscape, didn’t have my regular camera with me, yet I’ve managed to get some shots that I would love to have with a good amount of data to work with. They’re all places I would go back to with a better piece of kit.

I have also edited some of these into black and whites and again surprised to find how good they look. You can see one in the set. Its the start of an iPhone adventure. I use the iPhone 10XR by the way.

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