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My Beautiful Friend
The last flourish of wilting flowers.
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Reflections 1
What do we really see?
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African market
Everywhere I looked as I traveled around Kenya's rural street markets, I would see women on their own, staring into the distance
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Lilies Tinted Yellow
Lilies kept me busy through late spring, so beautiful.
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Flowers dying
This bunch had been on the compost heap a few days but seemed to be growing as well as dying off
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Roses struggle with colour
Dried roses flaking away

About Haydn Shaughnessy

Haydn is an award winning documentary maker and former journalist with Granada TV and the BBC and columnist at the Irish Times and Forbes.com, who migrated to technology in the 1990s and then to art and photography in the 2000s! The images on this site date from 2004.

Reflections is a series of images where the reflection dominates the original, raising the question what do we really see when we look?

Brands is a series of brand images that I created to emphasise the poverty of branding.

African markets is a series of shots captured of roadside markets in Kenya, so far from the western shopping experience!

Scratch is a series of unedited photographs of rotting flowers that I jettisoned as I began developing my editing skills and then realised they have more value than some attempts to create beauty.

The Beauty of Imperfection  series are all wilted flows that are close to dying off but are more beautiful for that.

The Solo and Mono series are flowers standing alone.

All other series are self-explanatory


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