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Welcome! And thanks for visiting

Spoil yourself or friends with some beautiful images and outstanding prints. On this page we'll tell you a little more about the papers we use, delivery and other services. 

Get in touch anytime on friends@haydnshaughnessy.com

A Little Bit About Me...

I began

The Flower Project project when a rare disease threatened my eyesight. In a rush to create something beautiful while I could still see well enough, I began  a series of photographs that capture the world of flowers as they begin to wilt and fade away.

Inspired by Japanese culture, the works are an example of beauty in imperfection. Each image is crafted to retain a sense that it is one of a kind that happened at one point in time and will never return.

Originally a journalist, documentary maker and writer I dedicate my spare time to growing out the Flower Project, creating beauty and sharing it with people who want to take a fresh look at the world around them.

Born to be Blue!


Ultimately I want The Flow Project to raise awareness of where our flowers come from and the difficult working conditions of the people who grow them. But for now I want to share the beauty of what these images speak to: a wonderful moment where we go beyond our egos and current obsessions and realise how beautiful life can be.

Do you frame?

Generally speaking we don't because of the expense of shipping frames. We do mount the image though. If you are really stuck on framing drop us a line and we'll see how we can help. For colour prints we recommend a dark brown, wood frame rather than black of white. Yes, black and white are good but they work better with the mono collection. For colour, go with the earth.

Why the choice of papers?

We tried eight different papers before setting on Somerset and Echizen hand made. Papers can be a big differentiator in quality. The Somerset papers are traditionally made and we like that. They are also infused with a coating that lifts the image. The Echizen papers? Well, they are made by Ilford so we feel they represent the best of paper and the best of photographic reproduction

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship worldwide in beautiful presentation boxes. We looked at shipping in tubes but rolling the prints didn't appeal to us and it made for a poor experience for the  receiver. The heavier paper can take two or three days to lie flat and that's a horrible experience for you. The lighter paper is easily damaged and we can protect them better in our beautiful gift boxes. Every print comes in a gift box!

Do you offer other services?

We can do custom prints if you see an image that you would like us to try at a particular size, say more towards A0 and over. Drop us a line. 

We've been thinking about offering to do customer photographs of your flowers, possible by you sending them to us. If that sounds of interest then get in touch. We didn't work out any  details yet.

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